Subvastus Partial Knee Resurfacing

Subvastus knee replacement is an alternative method in total knee replacement in patients with arthritis problems on only one compartment of the knee. Partial knee replacement is a common surgical technique that involved resurfacing and replacement of only the injured surface of the joint instead of the entire joint. In a human, the knee has three different compartments, the medial (inside), the lateral (outside) and the patellofemoral (kneecap). Subvastus knee resurfacing may be an option depending on the affected surface. During the knee surgery, the orthopedic surgeon removes only the damaged area of the bone with the help of advanced tools and fits the implant to that bone.

During the PKR procedure, if your bone disease is limited to the medial compartment, your doctor may simply reshape those damaged surfaces. The repaired bone surfaces on that knee side would then be partially covered with a combination of metal and high-grade plastic bearings and resurfaced with a cobalt chrome implant that conforms exactly to the anatomy of the knee. The tibial component would be made of using polyethylene and only require less bone removal to secure the implant. All healthy cartilage, ligament, and bone in your knee would be retained for this procedure.

In the left figure, unicompartmental knee surfacing, which resurfaces only the medial part of the knee, center and right: Knee Resurfacing. This surgical technique resurfaces the kneecap and the part of the thighbone where the knee cap slides.

Some patients might have advance knee arthritis that primarily involves the kneecap. If other medications are ineffective, the kneecap and the part of thigh bone where the kneecap slides can be resurfaced by the surgeons. This process can also be performed by Dr. Divyanshu Goyal through the subvastus approach.

Knee surgeries performed through the subvastus method is more technically demanding than methods performed through a conventional incision. Dr. Divyanshu Goyal is a top joint replacement surgeon in Indore with over 5 years of experience performing subvastus minimally invasive knee surgeries. Although not all knee replacement procedures can be performed using this approach, it offers definite advantages over more traditional incisions.

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