Knee Replacement Life Cycle


After the consultation with Dr. Divyanshu Goyal, the patient gets admitted to the hospital one day prior to the knee surgery.


All the necessary investigations like blood pressure, heart rate and more required are performed in the hospital prior to the surgery.


With a good night’s sleep, the patient gets relaxed and is totally prepared for the knee replacement operation on the very next day in the morning.


Because of our advanced surgical techniques, approaches, and skills along with good pain management by Anesthesiologist, a patient gets shifted back to the room on the same day and stands usually on the same day.


Our focused and experienced physiotherapy specialists do constant monitoring of the patient with the help of orthopedics, anesthetists and internal doctors the patient is ready to get discharged within 72 hours of admission.


With our dedicated in-house home health care services team, the patient follows a physiotherapy routine for several days and as a result, returns to performing daily activities quickly.