Navigated Knee Replacement

Computer Navigated Knee Replacement

Computer navigation guiding the operatingsurgeon through the implantation of a total knee replacement is the newest and perhaps most interesting invention.Through infrared sensing of patient anatomy, the computer can precisely notify the surgeon as to the exact location new knee implants should be positioned. This technology carries the promise of improving the precision of total knee replacement surgery, thus,improving the short and long-term performance of the knee replacement.

Handheld Navigation

Handheld Navigation:

Handheld navigation is now on hand for use in total knee arthroplasty, taking into account precision cuts of the distal femur and proximal tibia. By means of inertial sensors and accelerometers, the handheld navigation unit is able to provide instantaneous, intraoperative data about alignment without extra incisions or arrays, line-of-sight problems, or the large capital cost associated with large console navigation systems. This handheld navigation unit reduces alignment outliers generally seen with typical guides, potentially leading to benefits in knee function and implant durability.